Your assistant for performing a coach's administrative tasks

OperCrew - is a new format for performing routine tasks using an assistant app.
How does it work?
It is simple, but first let us stick to the order:
* Download the app and create the list of your clients and services;
* Assign the services to your athletes and establish the payment rules;
* The assistant app will remind your clients of the upcoming payments either via e-mail or by push-notifications, and you will see in the app the amount receivable, the actual amount received and the amount in debt. You will only have to register the incoming payment and manage the pauses of the athletes who want to suspend the services due to various reasons.
What does it look like?
Look – all clients are in touch and the settlement status is clear!
You see who has paid and the date of payment, if there is a debt and the date of incurrence; which clients have been paused. You may have a quick access to the services being rendered as well as those rendered earlier with entries about the dates.
Having face-to-face sessions? Let us help you with accounting!
The app allows for flexible accounting of the sessions performed based on subscriptions and single-service models. It is you who chooses what happens with the unused sessions at the end of the subscription period: they either expire or are held off to the next period.
Don't like reminding your students of payments? We'll do it for you!
Automatic notification of the upcoming payments and on the debt incurred is the function which prompted our team to create the new product. The assistant app automatically sends notifications of the upcoming payments to you or of the debt incurred to the clients via e-mail or push-notification. You will also be notified on the sending.
Is it really working?
The app is new, but we have some reviews from our first clients. You may contact them in social media:
Sounds good, but what about the price?
We have yet to introduce a paid subscription, and so far the app is absolutely free.

Soon there will be a monthly/annual subscription. If you have maximum three athletes per account, the app will be free for you; with more than 3 athletes per account the app will be paid. We have not yet decided on the cost of the subscription, but it will not exceed the price of 1-2 cups of Starbucks cappuccino.
Give a try to our assistant app!
Do you know what we are missing?
Your feedback.

We would appreciate if you could participate in the test run. Your opinion helps us to understand whether we are on the right way as well as to improve OperCrew based on your proposals. Upon completion of the test run, we will provide you with a questionnaire as well as three (3) promo codes for 6-month free use of the app.

Sign up and send us your e-mail (registered in the app), and we will add you into the test group. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them via e-mail at